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Jonathan Agnew does Bangladesh

Silly Point
31 March, 2007

Softly spoken, but of lowly background, Mr Jonathan Agnew of the BBC tells the Guardian, a London newspaper, he is trying not to insult the likes of Bangladesh and says that he even hesitates to call Bangladesh minnow, but still he thinks they shouldn't be playing in Super 8s even though they came through on merit.

If merit counts for little to BBC and Mr Agnew what do they propose? Nonsense and perfidy as is Albion's way. It's the same old divide and control English mentality that is at work here; playing Bangladesh off India, etc. How can BBC justify this type of colonial racism to today? Well Aggers, a name his buddies call him, is a nice cheeky chap and he does have lots of brown friends so his pronouncements can't be classed as insulting or racist. He is careful to say he likes the Indians (or doubtful as it is, perhaps his heart bleeds for India's meekly exit from the World Cup). So how can he be prejudiced or playing old colonial tricks on the natives (or is ethnics now?), playing one tribe or religion against another? Well, you see so many of the TV Channel 4 Big Brother white girls had black friends but they just don't like poor, smelly, unhygienic, poppadom Indians, so it doesn't mean they are prejudiced or racist. That's seems to be the logic of the BBC man.

If Agnew & BBC logic were to be followed FIFA's World Cup would only have English underclass of thugs dominating the World Cup. There would be no Africa or Asia in the matches. Or take the Olympics, there would be only cheeky England and its white only colonies like Australia, still under illegal genocidal English occupation according to most Asian nations including China, in charge. And the really sly and corrupt thing is if Asia does not compete with the best they will never improve their game. It is same logic with BBC man Mr Agnew, he wants to keep Bangladesh out so that our team would never improve as they would be prevented from playing with the top teams. The BBC is still playing the old colonial game in the 21st century. Playing one nation against another is the old way and dear Aggers exemplifies that.

Whether Mr Agnew likes it or not, Bangladesh is already here. Our nation of 150 million people may be very young at playing top cricket at world stage but there is no denying that we are here to stay. The sooner a rundown joke like Aggers understands the better. It's unfortunate that Mr Agnew would take the low road and run his mouth foul.

We urge BBC to remove Mr Agnew and the likes from their payroll to clear it's name from being a propaganda tool of vested interested groups of insidious intents. A company with stature as high as BBC should not allow people like Mr Agnew to continue to exploit it and get paid in the process.

And for Mr Agnew I propose to have a separate World Cup of Cricket involving supreme trio of England, Australia and New Zealand. While at it, let Mr Agnew cry and sigh with immeasurable pleasure and excitement as the rest of the world takes no notice and yawns.

Partly contributed by Taslima

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