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Omar Chowdhury
1 April, 2005

Last week I wrote about Death now I shall attempt to write about life. I think we all wonder what life is all about and no satisfactory answer is ever forthcoming. Each must have his own nations and theories. But like jesting pilate asked. What is truth and did not wait for an answer. We too must hurry along and conduct the actual business of living ! Of what dose that actual business consist? And is it conceivable that we have in some mysterious way been ‘programmed’ and should we reflect on chance or fate? Let us pass on to other considerations about life.
We are all concerned about the lot of the Common Man and so up to a point, we should be but what of the Uncommon Man? The Common Man will think about earning his daily bread, until he acquires a wife, and begets a brood of children, and also perhaps has to hear the burden of unwelcome dependents Than his worries will really commence He will endeavourer to get promotions in his chosen profession, live on a strict budget He will plod along the path of his weary life. Armed with an insurance policy. And hopefully saving in a bank. With the interest rates always under threat of falling !
The Uncommon Man has an extraordinary life to lead He is to be found in a large august company of Artists of all kinds writers scholars, scientists international and domestic crooks of the highest caliber, and many other notable members of an elite community .He is an unique species and must be on guard against the ignorant herd! Having arbitrarily enumerated categories I like it only fair that I should find one into which I without injury. Fall.
I have often been asked what my aim in life has always been I have never found it difficult to answer. I have lived primarily for pleasure. Of course I have had to earn my living and this I have somehow managed to do. Being something of a wit (when I am not trying to be funny) I have not found it disagreeable to live by my wits! Burning my candle brightly at both ends. I have managed to make both ends meet. Without being in any way a master of gymnastics.
Living for pleasure means being a hedonist. Which I unashamedly am! What, in this context do I mean by pleasure? Enjoying the reaction of the senses. A fine palate for wine. A good taste in cigars and pipe tobaccos. Gouran ear for great music. As for relishing the pleasures of the body. Will that depends on individual preferences.
I am not much concerned with those who do all they can to deny us the pleasures of the senses. They are the enemies of life. And they are growing in numbers. I mean bigots. Hypocrites, religious, extremists, ill-meaning do-gooders, moralists without any sense of moral values, psychiatrists and many others whom it would be embarrassing to mention. Since many of them are acquaintances of mine. The best course is to ignore and shun them . I find this quite easy to do although they spring up almost everywhere!
But we always come back to that nagging and persistent. Question : What is life all about ? Some may wish to consult the prophets. Other would seek the truth from philosophers. Others, cynically. Will suggest the medical authorities. Who in sooth. Know the answer? I wonder. Sometimes I am tempted to imagine absurd sources of this information. Perhaps the kingfisher. Which was once seen to cross the banks of a stream in a flash of colour. Knows but flies away without telling. Or the great big fish which lies dormant on the bad of a deep ocean knows. But will not be disturbed. Or the hermit. Alone on a mountain top. Has gained the Ultimate knowledge. But is too wise to impart if to others-shall we risk climbing up to ask him ? there may be tomes written about what life really is all about, but these repositories of research and knowledge are gathering dust on remote shelves,
Why should we persist in our quest-it may end up like the Holy Grail. There are other things to do. What could be better than sipping a good Burgundy. Or enjoying the fragrance of a Havana cigar. Listening to a marvelous interpretation of Beethoven’s Emperor concerto and reveling in the thought of wondrous life of leisure and pleasure? Nothing.


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