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An empire in decline 1

Omar Chowdhury
1 April, 2005

After Mikhail Gorbachov assumed the supreme position of President of the USSR did any political pundit even dream that after over 70 years of totalitarian dictatorship, would rise in anger and desperation against their brutal and savage masters, ruling them from the Kremlin in Moscow? Not even those who have entered and later exited from the portals of that extraordinary institution of anti-social brainwashing, namely the London School of Economics. Several African students of that School, with the Manchester Guardian and the New Statesman under one arm, and a book written by Harold Lasky under the other, returned to their respective native lands and became subversive political agitators. One such man eventually becomes the leader of a party, usually of a Socialist brand and begins to bluff the people of his country into believing that he is patriotic, honest, and the beast man that God has created to lead his country, first to gain independence from the oppressive colonial power, and then to stability, progress, and prosperity. In some cases an election is held and the new President, who knows nothing about administration of a country, except for even to this day, having built up their armed forces the dictators of many African countries begin wars amongst themselves. These the few useless theories put into his head while he was at the “LSE” becomes a dictator. He begins to build the strength of his armed forces obtaining military hardware and technical assistance from Russia. The scenario like that of a horror film begins. All his enemies are either jailed or put to death. Political opposition is not allowed, except in some kind of theatrical national assembly. The economy inherited from the colonial, power begins to decline, inflation begins, probably a new place is built, and in some cases an international airline becomes a priority. The treasury is soon empty, the pockets of the dictator and his family get fuller and fuller. Donor countries, suffering from some kind of humanitarian and insanity dish out loans. Projects are planned, consultants arrived and the slow process of achieving nothing begins. The people become bewildered and wonder why they voted the despot to power, vowing never to do so again. They never give another chance anyway. They lap into misery and frustration, and that the peoples of many African countries remain are usually proxy wars, encouraged in the past by the Superpowers, and even the lesser power of Europe. After all the manufacture and marketing of military hardwires is a very lucrative trade indeed, with which drug traffic has become a serious rival. All this has been the subversive side of Russian foreign policy.
In order to understand why the Union of Soviet socialist Republics is disintegrating, and how this unbelievable phenomenon has come about, we must go back a little into the past.
It would be more than foolish and stupid to speculate that if Karl Marx had never been born, and written Das Kapital, the evil system of totalitarian communist government would never have come into being, and the thousands of people who marched in Moscow up to the Kremlin would not have shouted that communism has been consigned to the scrap heap of history.
Now we must consider some of the horrors that began after the Bolsheviks came to power, having defeted Kerensky and brutally crushed all the elements and factions of opposition to his iron political will.


Lenin was born on April 10, 1870, and was thus an Aries like Adolf Hitler at Simbirsk. His father was a schoolmaster, but Lenin (whose real name was Vladamir liyich Ulyanov) showed signs of a rebellious nature from his school days. He naturally became a student leader, agitating against the authority. As a result of this revolutionary tendencies, he was exiled to Siberia, a place to which he exiled thousands and thousands of victims latter on in his life. By the time of the great Russian Revolutions in 1917, he had already become a leader of International Communism, and was living in Switzerland. He returned to his homeland, traveling in that famous closed train to Patrograd, later to be re-named Leningrad. Not even the White Russian who have been expelled from Russia some of whom were aristocrats working in Paris hotels and restaurants, and some I believe drove taxis! Not even any one from the Cossacks thought that this man Lenin should be removed, obviously not knowing what would happen in Russia when he assumed total power. It would have been an easy job to open the door of his compartment in that closed train and cut off his head with a sickle.


We must now introduce a new action who strode on to the stage of the drama of communism, under the glare of spotlight. He was known as Leo Trotsky but he was a Russian Jew whose name originally was Bronstein. A revolutionary, almost from birth, he was eventually imprisoned, from where he managed to escape and reached London where he met Lenin for the first time, thus starting a friendship which would one day have fatal consequences for Mr Trotsky.

Lenin began creating the structure of a socialist administration, with Trotsky at his side. A reign of terror then began. Having worked out in general terms his system of collective farming, he found that the peasants of Russia wanted to own their own plots of agricultural land grow whatever they liked, and earn whatever profit they could make. Without batting a lid of those slanting eyes, Lenin at a single stroke of his pen ordered the execution of almost 10,000 million peasants. Those who survived this mass slaughter quickly got the message, and his plans of collectivization were finally put into practice. Today about 70 years later it appears that the old system of land ownership by the children of the soil will return. It will consume far too much time to list the crimes Lenin.

24 July, 1990.

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