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As I See It... (18 April, 2006)

18 April, 2006

When the crusading coalition, led by the George Bush Junta, and an obedient and nervously ambitious Tony Blair, the shameless liar white mailing the British parliament, with the 45-minute warning ploy, stood stoutly at the side of the American President, and they ordered the invasion of Iraq, did they consider for a moment what it was all going to mean for that poor country at their mercy?

Did George W. Bush and Tony C. Blair seriously reflect, as they stepped out one day in March, 2003, to invade the innocent (of WMD at least) nation of Iraq, that in April 2006, 3 years later, that they would be wringing their hands in despair, and bemoaning the whole operation as ill-conceived, fruitless, inhuman, insane and entirely counter productive?

This afternoon I heard over the radio that one Colonel Coleman, head of an infantry division of the American army, had helped to destroy the site of Babylon, and was now ready to apologise to the Iraqi people, if that would in any way assuage their grief! The Americans always think that by saying “Sorry” they can get away with most things. It is a cornerstone of their foreign policy.

The demolition of Baghdad until today has been brutal and calculated. But should we really blame the Americans for all this desecration and devastation? After all “Americans” are not an homogenous people, and even the best of them have not had the time to mature and become civilized. Most of them appear to be morons. And it is this majority which is holding the fate of the world in its clammy grasp. Oh why didn’t America remain a land of dear cowboys and hostile Indians, and stagecoaches rushing hither and yonder? The railroads ruined everything!

History may well conclude that removing the regime of Saddam Hussain was the worst mistake an American Administration has ever made, or is likely to make in a dismal future.

There must have been a few smart guys milling around with the morons in the White House, who had looked up the history of Mesopotamia and Iraq, and talked about it over coffee. They could have convinced the policy thinkers and decision makers that Divide and Rule, the old English policy which had stabilised the running of Iraq in the 1920s, had inspired Saddam Hussain and his Baathist Party to carry it on, in their own logical and forceful way, and Saddam made such a wonderful job of it. Alas, who will agree with me now? Shooting some people and gassing others are all part of an honest day’s work in maneuvering a country from day to day, and keeping the imperial system well oiled and alert. You think I am advocating the case for an authoritarian form of government, as opposed to a namby-pamby so-called “democratic” one? Indeed I am!

Let’s take a quick look at what is going on in bleeding Iraq today. Three years after the tanks began rolling in, and the planes dropping their deadly loads, an unruly and vulgar scramble is going on to Iraqify everything. At first you had Patriots pitted against the Invaders. Then the Invaders began bribing the Patriots to fight their own people. Wasn’t that mean? The justification was that the idle and dangerous guys needed jobs, so what the hell? Let’s build up an Iraqi army. It will never work. Let’s build an Iraqi security service. Well… In the meantime the self-advertised political hopefuls are flapping around the yard like birds gone berserk, clamouring for power and protection.

Suddenly Washington awoke with a start and realised that over 60 per cent of the Iraqi population are Shiahs. No, I am not confusing Iraq with Iran, the figure is correct. It had been like that for a very long time. What did Saddam Hussain do about the Shiahs on one side and the Kurds on the other, for so long, and so successfully? That’s what the Trial is all about.

The Americans had been bleating about “democracy” until their throats became dry and sore. Like any snappy tune, the notion became popular, and Iraqi politicians began whistling it, and the dammed thing caught hold of them. With Uncle Sam beaming encouragingly, the Iraqis had an election, against a background of blossoming civil war. Yet, things had gone out of control by them. These desperate politicos found out (and so did Uncle Sam) that they were not the stuff from which workable “democracies” can be put together!

The civil war has finally blossomed, masks have been removed, the smartly turned out suicide bombers are popping off all over the place, and, through all this, the White House is still there, the morons sipping coffee in one corner, the wise guys in another, and George W. Bush is still in one piece. And the resounding refrain is still ringing out : “We were right to go into Iraq…”

After the democratic election was over, it became necessary to find a prime minister who would be acceptable to Kurds, Shiahs and Sunnis. It was of course a hopeless task. An interim one was found in the person of a Shiah politician of some deviousness and experience, a Mr Ibrahim al-Jafari. But it looks as though nobody wants him, so the Yanks are stuck again. Another ten years of all this, and the oil may run out, and the world will may lose interest. An oracle would probably suggest that its time to throw the dice again. First thing to do would be to put the Baathist Party back in power, and pass a tray of stiff whiskies round the Conference Room.

To win a war, a leader must have generals who can understand his cannon language, follow his ultimate line of thought, and deliver a strategy for him, with tactics to follow, if necessary. George W. Bush and his crew have woken up to military realities. Suddenly it has been revealed that the man with the smoking gun, the man who admired Saddam Hussain in earlier years, the tough architect of “the American empire-to-be”, the untouchable, unchangeable, immovable, Don of Dons, the one and only Donald Rumsfeld, Hero of the Pentagon, is responsible for all that has gone wrong from the very beginning! Apparently a whole lot of top army brass, active or retired, is of this opinion. Rumsfeld is in the line of fire!

Other members of the Junta might well get fidgety and uncomfortable, if the cushion of blame is passed from one to another. The only cunning hawk who preened himself before the TV cameras, standing in front of The Pentagon plaque, was Rumfeld’s deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, who is one of the staunchest of conspiring birds. He had the foresight and good sense to fly off to another perch, and is currently at the World Bank, his talons playing with most of the cash on the planet!

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