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Essay Of Parrots, And All

The parrot is among the truly noble birds. The parrot family consists of 314 species, including the famed macaw, whose plumage defies description, challenging the palette of any painter, and putting to shame the rainbow. But the Indian parrot is a versatile breed of bird, and has a very prominent part in history.

Essay My Crystal Ball

A certain professor has come up with a notion that the first piece of land to emerge from the pristine seas of the earth was Bangladesh! And it was on this (presumably) island that Adam and Eve were born! He evidently has not read Genesis, or is not prepared to accept the biblical version of that event. In any case, Adam and Eve were not born in the Garden of Eden, They were placed there by God. You must believe this if you are a Christian.

Essay Elephant Crackers

Thailand has become quite famous for the kindness and consideration shown to animals. Crocodiles are encouraged to marry, and weddings are arranged by the government, and sometimes celebrated almost on a national scale! And now look at the commendable way in which the government is tackling the problem of elephants hooked on drugs!

Essay An empire in decline 1

It would be more than foolish and stupid to speculate that if Karl Marx had never been born, and written Das Kapital, the evil system of totalitarian communist government would never have come into being, and the thousands of people who marched in Moscow up to the Kremlin would not have shouted that communism has been consigned to the scrap heap of history.

Essay Of Owls And Rats

A last word of caution to the Ministry. If the owls let you down, if the Exterminators do not come up to scratch, if the feline community shies away, if mesmerism is tried, but to no their slopes to petrify the rodents, do not, even as a last resort, use napalm! Better to try and squash the rats with palm leaves, than do that!

Essay Flattery

This is an activity which we all perhaps indulge in given the right circumstances, or necessity. Flattery can, of course, be of many kinds, innocent, without positive motive, or implied to please, insult, misguide, and even harm.

Essay Life

I am not much concerned with those who do all they can to deny us the pleasures of the senses. They are the enemies of life. And they are growing in numbers. I mean bigots. Hypocrites, religious, extremists, ill-meaning do-gooders, moralists without any sense of moral values, psychiatrists and many others whom it would be embarrassing to mention.

Essay Pipe Dreams

Smoking one’s pipe is not merely a satisfying habit. It is a source of solace, a companion in one’s solitude it can soothe, it can stimulate thoughts and theories, it can bring inspiration along with the Muses. Once fill the bowl with a really good tobacco, and you can get lost in whirls of fragrant smoke!

Essay The Dobermann Pinscher

Two such breeds of dog are very popular : the Alsatian (German Shepherd) and the Dobermann Pinscher. It is with the latter that I am here concerned. In Germany, this breed is extremely popular, and at dog shows it occupies, in numbers, very often the third place, after the Alsatian and the Dachshund, which it sometimes beats.

Essay Twixt Tooth And Gum

Different persons adopt different approaches to a dentist’s forbidding chair. My own approach has always been governed by a sense of acute apprehension, mounting efortlessly to abject fear! Like most fellow suffers I tend to hesitate and procrastinate before making that final appointment with doom.

Essay Nomenclature

“What’s in a name.” Shakespeare remarked, adding” A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. For once, I disagree with the Bard. A rose by any other name would not, to me at any rate, “smell as Sweet”! The name of the rose has been used in many instances to covey numerous meanings. Sub rosa means a secret transaction. The rose is a mystic symbol.

Essay A Diet For Mosquitoes

The mosquito is an insect which has played havoc with Man’s health and peace of mind. All those who have fallen prey to this tiny but formidable pest regret their encounter. Sitting on a lawn. In the cool of an evening, all pleasure comes to an end when that persistent drone assails the ear, sometimes heralding attack!

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