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Short Story She Loved Bananas

When the third man stood up, after raping the young white woman, her body supine on the ground, he began adjusting his trousers, and zipping up. Then he bent down and pushed a flower up the aching vagina, like an artist, appending his signature...

Short Story Laugh as You Die

He was not to know, as he lay unconscious in the hospital, a few moments before the lights went low, and life, like an old silent movie, flickered out, that Sol Berg cried like a baby, and had to be given a tranquilizer.

Short Story Lamps Burn in Every House

Zulfiqar and Najma swam in each other’s eyes, and there revived between them all the old sweetness of the lost village, as they stood in the midst of reeking squalor. But even so the lotus rises, in all its pink and white purity, out of a stagnant pool.

Short Story Laura

As the final notes closed the last movement, an uncanny thing happened. The light bulbs began to dim, until the room became very dark. He could however see her face clearly on the screen. What is happening? His mind was gripped by panic, as he saw her image very slowly fade away. He was alone in the unbearable darkness.

Short Story The Man Who Was Yesterday

Suddenly, fireworks burst in the ink-black sky. A blinding flash woke Qamar, who sat up in bed soaked in perspiration. Where am I, he thought, rubbing a trembling hand across his brow. Slowly he recognised the room. He turned round and looked out of the window...

Short Story Ward No. 4, Bed No. 1

Each time this business with alcohol begins I swear it will be the last. but if never is. Why? What is it that I am trying to drown in whisky? Loneliness, frustration, mental impotence, physical dissatisfaction? Now the mind goes blank for a moment...

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