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Music As I See It... (9 August, 2005)

The Ninth Symphony - in D Minor Opus No. 125, was performed for the first time on May 7, 1824, at the Karntnerthor Theater in Vienna. 'Herr Ludwig van Beethoven,' said the official announcement of the concert, 'will himself participate in the general direction.'

Music From Prodigy to Maestro

Mozart took music to glorious heights of artistic achievement. His spirit was the true fulfillment of the Renaissance, with its discovery and passion for beauty in physical and human reality. Mozart is the embodiment of European culture, and it is no wonder that during the consecration of the Temple at Somnath, a handful of earth from Mozart’s grave was scattered, symbolizing the contribution of Europe to World Civilisation!

Music Songsters

I must confess in conclusion that I fall into the category of bathroom songsters. Once under a shower I let myself go. An aria or two from Mozart or Verdi, or perhaps snatches of a kheyal or thumri, and I am lost to the world, heedless of the cruelty I may be inflicting on invisible and shocked auditors.

Music On Becoming Blind

Among the prominent blind persons in history, two literary names come to mind: Homer and Milton. The latter celebrated his blindness in a famous poem. Perhaps not many lovers of music know how Johann Sebastian Bach eventually went blind.

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